Fancy being interviewed by TWC? For the few of you who have answered ‘yes’ to that question, we are after people to interview about the 2005 Ashes for a feature in the mag. We are after the following:

Those who got into cricket (or back into cricket) through the 2005 Ashes.

Those who got into the Ashes 2005 but have paid no interest to cricket since (everyone has a friend like this).

Those who skived off work to watch the series or spent far too much time following it online at work.

Those who were at the parade.

Interviews will be done over the phone throughout Feb (so you don’t have to see our rather off-putting faces) and we want to hear good stories. If you know of any friends who fit the bill, please let us know.

Always the skinflints, TWC do not pay for interviews but they are very nice to you.

Contact [email protected].