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August 2008
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Jrod: Harmy, like a cork in the ocean

August 8th, 2008 by JRod in England, South Africa in England, Test cricket and tagged , ,

Not long ago I thought Harmy should go to Mexico, find a senorita and take some Peyote.

I haven’t followed his flight schedule, but it seems he has taken my advice.

Yesterday he was spicy like a jalapeno. The ball was dancing a salsa down the pitch.

Even Geoffrey Boycott was back on the bandwagon – he ate nachos for lunch and told everyone he liked the lad again.

Harmy was glowing. Strange what first-class wickets can do.

He has only been carrying his bags for half-a-season but it has inspired him.

Harmy didn’t even wait for his team-mates yesterday, he was out there before them, bowling at novelty stumps and Ottis Gibson and loving every moment of it.

When the team made it onto the ground he strode away from them with a confident jog that said: “Hello cruel world. I’m taking over now.”

Some days Alastair Cook’s mascara-afflicted drop off the first ball would have been enough to end him for a good three days, but not this time.

No South African wanted to face him. He gave Smith the once over, two or three times. Ambrose didn’t even need super-powers to keep to him.

When he got Amla the crowd reached for a cigarette in unison.

He only took two wickets but he gave the attack the teeth, and with his teeth and Freddie’s grunt they looked like a team that could take 20 wickets.

Imagine that.

We all expect Harmy to fall apart somewhere on the flight to Amhedebad but for now let’s enjoy it.

He is excitement, he is unpredictability, he is willing to share his shoes with others and he is a lot better more entertaining than most current bowlers no matter how he bowls.

I wouldn’t pick him but I do like watching him.

Jrod is an Australian cricket blogger, his site won July’s Best of Blogs in TWC

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6 Responses to “Jrod: Harmy, like a cork in the ocean”

  1.   D Charlton says:

    He was great yesterday, but i’m with you Jrod, i don’t trust him. He’d not have as much form or rhythm by the time he lands in India. I still think they should have picked Ravi - for the long term.

  2.   Daniel Brigham says:

    Perhaps it’s because, going on the above picture, he has acquired an extendable left leg over the summer.

  3.   SixSixEight says:

    If you have ever watched him you would have noticed that he does have unfeasibly long legs!

    He should have been left with Durham, but KPs obsession allowed Mark Davies to really piss off Rob Key by taking 10 for 45. They should leave Big Steve at home over the winter - keep him with Durham - let him loose at Ashes time if he is fit.

  4.   smithhow says:

    According to Sky commentators yesterday Harmy is off to Africa close season to keep in condition for the India series. How does that fit with the home sick individual type excuse we got in Australia? Has he really grown up and now understands where his bread is buttered?

  5.   Gumbo says:

    Let’s hope so … unless he gets to South Africa and proves his doubters right again by turning straight back for the north-east of England.

    I’ve been up there. It’s not that nice.

  6.   Suave says:

    Everyone seems to have mysteriously forgotten that Harmison did the same thing last winter, and was still shit when he arrived in New Zealand. How will the same thing make him better this winter?

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