September 2009
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Edward Craig: Central contract madness

September 11th, 2009 by Edward Craig in England, International, Test cricket

So long Monty and Harmy. You’ve been a bit rubbish for England this year and you’ve missed out on a central contract. Fair enough – international cricket’s a tough game, you let your form then your place slip and you find yourself plummeting.

And that is precisely why Collingwood, Bell and Cook have all been given central contracts for the next 12 months. Eh?

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Daniel Brigham: Three's a crowd for Lord's

September 11th, 2009 by Daniel Brigham in England, Test cricket

I don’t particularly like Lord’s as a sporting venue. There are others out there, too. We may be a minority but we suffer the kind of opinion-discrimination normally reserved for those (weirdos) who hate The Beatles.

The stuffiest Test venue in the world has been awarded three Test matches next summer – England v Pakistan, England v Bangladesh and Pakistan v Australia. A tad excessive, maybe?

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King Cricket: England need Mustard's simplicity

September 11th, 2009 by Alex Bowden in England, One-day cricket

If there’s one type of cricket article that we hate, it’s the ‘what about this potential England wicketkeeper?’ one. There are too many mediocre candidates and all that happens is that the picture gets murkier.  Nevertheless: we miss Phil Mustard.

In one way it’s perhaps for the best that joint dismissals with his Durham team mate Graham Onions aren’t being brought to international cricket headlines, but all the same, he has a zestiness (or is Mustard always fiery?) about his cricket which is conspicuously absent from England’s one-day side.

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