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November 2009
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Cockermouth CC: An appeal

November 24th, 2009 by TWC in Club cricket, Miscellaneous


Over the weekend, TWC received the following email from Hugh Gimber, vice-captain of Cockermouth Cricket Club, whose ground has been badly damaged by the floods that have attacked the north of England over the last week.

Dear Sirs,

My name is Hugh Gimber and I am currently vice-captain of Cockermouth C.C. 1st XI in Cumbria. As I am sure you have seen on the news this week, Cockermouth has been destroyed by flooding, and unfortunately our club has not escaped the damage. Following an extensive refurbishment of the pavilion and practice facilities last winter, the ground is now underwater. The River Cocker which flows extremely close to the ground has burst its banks and is now running fast across the playing area, walls have been destroyed and our practice nets have been ruined. We have been unable to get in to the pavilion to assess the scale of the damage however we are almost certain that water will have got in, and that our ground equipment will have been sat in several feet of standing water since Thursday.

Local help will quite rightly go to homes and businesses first, but our cricket club now face the difficult and expensive task of repairing the damage over the winter. We would like to appeal for help in your magazine, whether it be through donations, labour, materials or anything else that people feel may be of help.

Thank you in advance for any help that you might be able to provide.

Yours faithfully,
Hugh Gimber

Anyone who feels they may be able to help Cockermouth CC in some capacity is gratefully asked to contact:

George Todhunter
01900 822565 home

01900 821212 business
07825545777 mobile

[email protected]

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One Response to “Cockermouth CC: An appeal”

  1.   A.R.Zaidi says:

    Cockermouth cricket club is a small cricket entity and we r disturbed about its losses but what about cricket in Pakistan which has suffered a lot due to terrorism. In my view no country can match Pakistan in cricket if ideal circumstances r provided to young cricketers here in this country. Streets here have produced such brilliant cricketers like Javed Miandad, Zaheer Abbass.Wasim Akram , Waqar Younis and co. Just imagine what would have happened, had their been cricket kits with every cricketer here, cricket grounds, bats and balls etc. AND NOW THIS TERRORISM IS KILLING IMMENSE TALENT HERE IN THIS COUNTRY. PLZ THINK ABOUT THESE YOUNGSTERS TOO WHOSE DREAMS WILL BE SHATTERED BY THIS WAR. They have been deprived of a chance to see their favorite cricketers in action due to law and order situation. I find them as very unlucky when i think of my young days in 60’s and 70’s when we had all the opportunities in the world to join clubs, to watch the best cricketers in action. Whom will they idolize if there is no international cricket here? Pakistan has already lost rights to hold Champion’s Trophy 2009 and followed by World cup. Alas! not only Pakistan is at losing end but cricket as a sport too. Nursery of some of the most brilliant cricketers in the world has been paralysed and Pakistani cricket lovers have not seen a single test match on their soil since last one year. We can only cry at such situation .

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