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Benj Moorehead: The One Mystery Of The Series

September 18th, 2009 by Benj Moorehead in England, International, One-day cricket

There’s a begging question about this one-day series. It’s not about why it’s been scheduled at the end of an Ashes series, nor why there are a ridiculous number of matches. It’s not about England’s running between the wickets.

Not about why England win the toss and lose (Sachin Tendulkar says “we can tell the result of close to 75% of matches after the toss” – this series has proved him right). Nor is it about why not one England batsman apart from their captain has passed 50 in six matches (to think some people are worrying about their ability to score hundreds!).

It’s not about Ryan Sidebottom playing all six games and averaging 93.66. It’s not about Adil Rashid being dropped after one of the world’s best players of spin (Michael Clarke) said “I couldn’t seem to hit him for any runs” followed by Strauss’ “I thought he was exceptional” following the first match. But we’re getting close.

It’s about Jonathan Trott. Where has he been? Picked for the ODI against Ireland he got 0, yes. But was that enough to judge him? Five balls in rainy Belfast?

Combining the FP Trophy and the Pro40, Trott averages 50.89 this season. His last two seasons have been equally impressive.

What’s more, as the selectors may have noticed last month, he has a cool head – exactly what England have been missing in this desperate series (think Shah).

Now what is that all about?

Benj Moorehead is editorial assistant of The Wisden Cricketer

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3 Responses to “Benj Moorehead: The One Mystery Of The Series”

  1.   GoodCricketWicket says:

    It’s about the Champions Trophy squad, which was picked some time ago. Trott isn’t in it.

  2.   Tony Bennett says:

    Of course Trott should have been in the Champions Trophy squad. In view of the experience of this series, a case can be made for a whole load of other players too. Cook? Bell? Blackwell? Key? Trego? Even Mal Loye. They could hardly do worse.

  3.   Paddy Briggs says:

    GoodCricketWicket is right….

    to which must be added that once the selecotrs get an idea in their heads they don’t have the nous to override it. Trott should have played whether he can be finessed into the Champions Trophy squad or not. Mascarenhas played and he isn’t in the CT squad either….

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