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Benj Moorehead: Thank God for Brett Lee

September 9th, 2009 by Benj Moorehead in Australia, International, One-day cricket, The Ashes

Isn’t it good to see Brett Lee playing in England again. To see those balls propelled towards the heads of the English batsmen, and then those slanted eyes narrowing even more, dancing to the joys of battle; then there’s his menacing grin directed to his victims. The presence of Lee doubles the personality of the Australian side, and it’s something I’ve missed this summer.

Poor Lee. He produced probably the best bit of bowling by an Australian this summer in the warm-up match at Worcester against the Lions. Then injury, and the modern obsession with back-to-back Tests, meant he missed all five Tests.

He must have needed someone to bend down and put an arm around his shoulder (again) as he helplessly watched the Ashes go by. It was probably his last Ashes tour – he’ll be 36 in 2013 and a bowler who relies on pace will need to be as canny as they come if he is to warrant selection next time round.

The Australian side that came over this year has been bereft of visible, on-pitch character. Many are new ‘uns who, for all their shouting and staring, are yet to develop a wry, competitive-yet-playful perspective on the game like, say, a Murali (or a Lee for that matter). Of the seasoned pros, Katich, Hussey, North and Clark present a po-faced dead bat to their opponents. Watson seems eternally embittered with the game. Only Ponting and Clarke regularly offer some in-game spirit.

Lee has it in spades, and the Ashes lost something as a spectacle without him. England, of course, gained much from a Leeless Australia – notably the Ashes.

Benj Moorehead is editorial assistant of The Wisden Cricketer

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  1.   Casey Brazeal (North and Clark) says:

    Haha, Google alerts sent me to your site because you use the phrase North and Clark. If you, those seasoned pros or anyone else would like to see it, I have a blog with the same title.

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