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Jrod: Ravenous Australian cricket media must take things one game at a time

December 8th, 2009 by Jrod in Test cricket, west indies


Australian cricket journalists are a ravenous pack of animals that love fresh meat. Much like their cricketers. Perhaps you could say that most press pools are like their teams. You could say that England’s is prone to massive highs and despairing lows, much like their team. And that India’s press pool just isn’t as good away from home. I probably didn’t research this enough.

Summer after summer the Australian press have been thrown a meal masquerading as the opposition. Last year that all changed. Australia lost at home for the first time since Dakota Fanning was born. Then they lost another under-reported Test series.

Before the series against the West Indies started, the general mood from the press was apathetic. Ticket sales are down, a team in turmoil is coming, and Chris Gayle is at home with his mum.

When Australia won the first Test so easily, the mood changed. The carnivorous nature returned and the Australian press turned feral. West Indies were sub-par. The performance was embarrassing. They should be relegated. Tickets should be refunded. This wasn’t a Test team. Test cricket was dead. Kill them all.

That sort of stuff.

Tony Cozier was angry and he had a right to be. The West Indies were bad in that Test, but there were reasons. Their captain had arrived about 30 seconds before the toss. Sarwan & Edwards weren’t playing. Jerome Taylor broke down on the first day. And they weren’t helped by the fact that collectively the team batted like they hadn’t played a Test in six months.

Very little of this seemed to be mentioned in the Australian media.

Instead of rolling over and playing dead, the Windies got angry this week. Bravo hit a cavalier hundred, Brendan Nash was called every name under the sun and scratched 92, then Sulieman Benn took a five wicket haul to keep the game level.

That looked like all the Windies had. On day four Chris Gayle had to hold his teammates above water as for the first time in this match their Gabba form came back. But Gayle did such a brilliant job, spurred on by the media attacks and with a new found sense of patience, that he alone made sure they had the runs they needed.

Then on a last day pitch where runs were hard to get, with Benn bowling darts and Rampaul and Bravo moving it around, Australia stumbled. They didn’t lose, but the Windies can claim this as a moral victory. Although you have to lodge a form to the ICC for that.

The Australian media might have to change their ways while their team is this inconsistent. Perhaps they could take on the advice of every cricketer they have ever interviewed, and just take it one match at a time.

Jrod is an Australian blogger and author. His new book Ashes 2009: When Freddie Became Jesus is available now

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5 Responses to “Jrod: Ravenous Australian cricket media must take things one game at a time”

  1.   Winsome says:

    Ahhh. The old chestnut. Inconsistency. That’s what the English press, fans, management, blah, blah, always complain.

    Can’t we find another term for just not being as good as we would like?

  2.   jrod says:

    If they were really bad, they’d consistently lose, if they were really good, they’d consistently win. When they aren’t either of those, they are inconsistent.

  3.   Monster Cable says:

    Yeah, but being inconsistent is just another way of saying a team is a bit rubbish. Not a lot, just a bit. But saying it that way the fans (and the press) can believe that their team is, in fact, really good - just a bit inconsistent. It’s a way of being euphimistic where euphimism may not be the best policy. Inconsistency is sort of like something in the wind, out of our control, whereas being a bit rubbish requires the selectors to think and the team to train to be more of a team (as opposed to pumping iron every day). I’m starting to understand the bittersweet sensation that England fans have been talking about for the last 20 years and it’s not too bad that Australia is a bit rubbish for a change, I just don’t want it to last more than a year or two. Then I’ll be able to appreciate how good they really are when they are number one in all forms of the game in about, oh, two years? (He says hopefully). And the Australian press has been insufferable for the last 10 years, any change there is more than welcome.

  4.   jrod says:

    Australia is a bit rubbish. I’ve said it dozens of times. This time I used inconsistent, because Australia won a test by an innings in three days, and then within a week they struggled to hold on for the draw. That is inconsistent. The fact they haven’t won or lost two series in a row since early 08 would support that. They beat South Africa away, lose to England away. Inconsistent.

  5.   Winsome says:

    The only ‘thing’ that can truly be termed inconsistent is Mitchell Johnson. He can look like the best bowler and the worst bowler in the world in the same over.

    As far as a team being inconsistent goes, it is just as Monster says. The Aussies are a bit rubbish.

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