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December 2009
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John Stern: England’s missed opportunity

December 17th, 2009 by John Stern in England, South Africa, Test cricket


“Hit out or get out,” Nasser Hussain urged South Africa’s batsmen around mid-afternoon. I chuckled. He was right, of course, because the Test was drifting horribly. But I thought it was ironic coming from gritty, grinding Nass, who is rightly celebrated as the man who stopped England being a laughing stock.

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Vaughan’s wisdom and Symonds’ words

December 17th, 2009 by Sledger in Test cricket

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Indian star Yuvraj Singh celebrated his birthday with three wickets, 60 off 25 balls and more:

“There was lot of cake on my face. MS (Dhoni) held my hands and the rest of the players kept applying it all over my face and I could not see who all the culprits were. But I will take revenge once I come to know their names.”

This week’s …

Shameless treachery “Both sides have such bad batsmen. That’s my honest opinion, they’re useless.” Napier groundsman, Phil Stoyanoff, slags off New Zealand (and Pakistan)

Plea “I hope you use (the quote) in context and use it with restraint.” New Zealand Cricket public affairs manager, Stephen Hill, asks the media not to do what we just did above
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Ian Bell: Reviewing The Day’s Reviews

December 17th, 2009 by Alan Tyers in Alan Tyers, England, International


Obviously I was delighted to get my place back in the team and it was really nice to be back with all the lads working on important areas of the game such as not getting shouted at by Mr Goochie; avoiding being shot to death on the way to the breakfast buffet or getting beaten up by Graeme Smith at the waffle station; and keeping it there or thereabouts on the Twitter.

There was some harsh words said after the first day about the use of the review system but the way I look at it, it’s like being in the hair salon and thinking “Cor, I wouldn’t mind a bit of that mousse over there” but not putting your hand up and instead just answering the questions about where you’re going on your summer holidays this year and ending up dying wondering, not literally obviously, but like in a sporting/hair salon sense.

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