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Daniel Brigham: Stop moaning about review system

December 16th, 2009 by Daniel Brigham in England, International

Lots of head-shaking in the office about England’s use of the review system on the first day of the Test. I’m sure it was replicated by many people watching at home, as well as the Sky commentators. Everyone likes a good head-shake, but please calm down.

Most of the shaking was a result of England’s appeal for a caught behind off an AB de Villiers sweep shot. Graeme Swann and Matt Prior were certain de Villiers had hit it and they convinced Strauss to refer.

It was impossible for the third umpire to overturn the decision without Hotspot or Snicko as there was no visible deflection, and the not out decision was upheld. The head-shaking came from people saying the England players and, in particular Strauss, should have known this.

Give them a break. Yes, they will have talked about when and when not to appeal pre-match. Yes, if you asked Strauss now whether it was the right decision to review, he’d probably admit he was wrong. But, like all other aspects in sport, it’s impossible to get things right all of the time. Mistakes will be made.

Besides, Prior and Swann may have seen a big enough deflection to think it would’ve been picked up on TV replays – we don’t know exactly what goes on in the middle. Just accept that players will get it wrong sometimes and instead think of it as adding to the sporting drama.

Daniel Brigham is assistant editor of The Wisden Cricketer

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One Response to “Daniel Brigham: Stop moaning about review system”

  1.   Cricket Tragic says:

    Daniel, why does the ICC seem to be so intent on confusing the umpires, who are already too confused due to old age? Why don’t they just say ‘if the replays show that the batsman is out/not out, then just say so’? Why do they have to complicate it by saying ‘only overturn the most obvious mistakes’? Stupidity on the part of ICC!

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