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October 2008
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Jrod: I demand some farce

October 13th, 2008 by JRod in Australia in India, Test cricket

Am I the only one who feels disappointed that there has been no flare up of emotions in the first India-Australia Test?


Zaheer Khan bellowed a bit when India finally got rid of Australia in the first innings and Hussey screamed with schoolgirl delight when Tendulkar was dismissed.

But other than that it’s been pretty dull.

Matthew Hayden got dismissed caught behind of a nice play-and-miss third ball of the game and hardly a peep.

Ricky Ponting scooped a ball straight to Kumble for a not out and the game went on.

Harbhajan Singh made a 50 and no real nastiness seen.

Sourav Ganguly sledged half his team (or not as he says) and no one seems that upset.

What sort of Bastard-Monkey series is this?

We want blood dammit.

Hayden walked away with a forlorn look on this face after the dismissal. No good. I want serious anger from the Christian Warrior.

Kumble seemed to accept the umpire’s obvious error with Ponting’s non-half-volley, he just wiped his brow and had a dignified word with Rudi. I want him to pull a stump out and blind him.

Harbhajan was out in the middle for a very long time, and there were no questionable incidents from either side. I want questionable incidents – farcical, humorous, questionable incidents.

Sourav Ganguly slated his team, their selectors and everyone who has ever dissed him. Then he said he never said it. I want him to say it, I want him to scream what he thinks from the rooftops (preferably topless with a wispy moustache).

This isn’t some unimportant series like the Trans-Tasman Trophy or the Ashes, this is the Border-Gavaskar Trophy, the two grumpiest men ever to pull on the whites.

Angry, fighting men. Short men with serious haircuts who play for keeps and score at will.

There should be anger, furious anger, there should be misunderstandings, glorious misunderstandings, and there should be headlines, cheesy headlines.

If not, we may be forced to talk about the cricket, and so far, it’s been a little limp.

Jrod is an Australian cricket blogger, his site won July’s Best of Blogs in TWC

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3 Responses to “Jrod: I demand some farce”

  1.   Questions after the First Test « says:

    [...] was the needle between the likes of Hayden and [...]

  2.   The Village Cricketer says:

    The thing I struggle with when watching India v Australia, is finding that there is a team I dislike more than I dislike Australia. It feels kind of wrong.

  3.   Jagadish says:

    You wanted a controversy, you got it - Zaheer fined for abusing Hayden at Mohali. Aussie media focusses on India’s bad behaviour.

    We’ll take the bad behaviour if it gives us a series win. Much thanks!

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