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Sam Collins: Peter Moores – Taking the positives

January 8th, 2009 by Sam Collins in England, Test cricket

That faint praise in full:

Andrew Strauss (On taking the captaincy): “Peter Moores put a huge amount of effort, enthusiasm and determination into taking England forward. Certainly he’s shown a lot of integrity.”

Nasser Hussain (Daily Mail): “Was he the wrong man? Moores did as well as any other Englishman who has coached the team. Apart from Fletcher, every other coach has been more of a manager figure - there to put out cones and organise nets.”

Hussain (Sky Sports News): “He sets the team up brilliantly every morning; he trains them well. They are finely drilled every morning.”

Mike Atherton (The Times): “Most of the players like Moores and think that he is a decent and honourable man, but they have reservations that he is the right person to take them to the next level. Moores’s removal is harsh in the sense that he is a decent, hard-working and loyal man, who has behaved throughout this past week with great dignity. Nor should it be forgotten that he inherited something of a disaster: but he failed to arrest the decline.”

Chris Adams (The Times): “He’s a fabulous person. From what I can tell at least three quarters of the England side were enjoying everything he was bringing.”

David Hopps (The Guardian): “If there was a unanimous view about Moores among England’s players it was that he was a decent bloke who might be in the wrong job, but that decision was a matter for the ECB, not a cause for a players’ rebellion.”

Duncan Fletcher
(The Guardian): “As for Moores, I feel for him. I know what a tough job coaching England can be, and you don’t like to see any individual treated like this. I know he never did less than his best, but it’s not an easy role. Some coaches are great with inexperienced sides; others have specific technical strengths. Very few can cover all the bases.”

Angus Fraser
(The Independent): “The one person to feel sorry for is Moores, who has done little wrong. It is right to question his suitability for the post – too few players have made progress during the 20 months he has been coach – but throughout this entire escapade he has conducted himself in a dignified manner.”

Stephen Brenkley (The Independent): “Moores became bogged down in a mixture of coach and management speak, swallowing the instruction manual followed by the self-help guide. He leaves with dignity intact and, although he probably had to go in the end because of the circumstances, he can be deemed unfortunate.”

Nick Hoult (The Telegraph): “A popular man with a keen analytical brain.”

And the inevitable spade-caller:

Geoff Boycott (The Telegraph): “As for Peter Moores, his departure doesn’t bother me. For a long time now I have felt this was an accident waiting to happen.
The ECB appointed Moores on the say-so of his friend, Morris, and the chief executive, David Collier, without advertising the job. He was the most qualified on paper, but that means nothing. He has no Test experience and knowledge of overseas conditions, which is when a coach can help a captain.

I’ve never been impressed with his training methods: ice baths after play, leaping into the swimming pool and playing soccer or rugby at the end of the day. It’s all sugar and spice, it looks good, but there’s no substance.”

Sam Collins is web-editor of thewisdencricketer.com

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