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Alan Tyers: Manish Bhasin’s Twenty20 Twitter

June 11th, 2009 by Alan Tyers in Alan Tyers

BBC highlights presenter keeps his fans up to date with all the World Twenty20 goings on…

Updated 2 hours ago: The Lords is so cool!! To be at a venue where legends of the game like Sir Steaky Botham, Donald Batman, Freddie Flintoff and Alesha Dixon have all played – awesome.

Updated 90 minutes ago: Just found out that Alesha didn’t get to play – shame. She is a brilliant singer and well fit: probably considered one of the great all-rounders? (Check this fact later).

Updated 1 hour ago: Very excited about England v South Africa later today. Should try and get some player interviews. Approach South African captain Graeme Smith with trusty notebook in hand (I’m a real journo now mum!!!?!!)

Updated 55 minutes ago: Graeme Smith says he will have the t-bone steak rare, a lasagne, two portions of chips, a chicken and a pint of double cream (low fat if available).

Updated 54 minutes ago: Explain I am not a waiter but in fact BBC face of cricket seeking interview.

Updated 53 minutes ago: In Lord’s kitchen getting food for Graeme Smith in exchange for interview.

Update 49 minutes ago: Graeme Smith finishes his breakfast and we settle down to serious cricket chat. It’s like Frost v Nixon… or Ambrose v Walsh! (Check later).

Update 48 minutes ago: First question: “So Graeme, what would you say is more important, batting or bowling, in the context of the Twenty20 format?” (Testing one first up I reckon?!!?)

Update 47 minutes ago: Smith asks for Lemon Meringue Pie and falls asleep.

Update 40 minutes ago:
I am not discouraged – it is the job of the serious journalist to ask the tough questions. This I learned from Gabby Logan when we did BBC Children In Need fun-run together.

Update 35 minutes ago: See legendary figure Sir Jeffrey Boycotts and decide I will ask him my question instead.

Update 31 minutes ago:
Boycotts is not a nice man.

Update 28 minutes ago:
But in between the unkind remarks and laughter I reckon he thinks that batting is most important. This could be significant piece of information for broadcast tonight.

Update 25 minutes ago: See my colleague Rishi and we practice our cricket trivia knowledge together.

Update 12 minutes ago: It’s a tight-run contest but I just edge it one question to nil.

Update 11 minutes ago: For any young sports fans, I knew that leg before wicket means that you have to go out; Rishi (durrr!) thought it was one of the fences at the Grand Nationals.

Update 4 minutes ago: Only 12 hours to go before highlights broadcast tonight now. Producer gives me copy of ‘Freddie Flintoff Cricket Annual For Boys 2005’ and tells me to wait quietly in trailer.

By Alan Tyers

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