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Stuart Broad answers back

July 3rd, 2008 by Edward Craig in England, South Africa in England and tagged ,

Stuart Broad is about to lay himself open to you, the terrifying general public. He’s working with AQA, that text-based, pub-quiz cheating, question-answering service and he wants your cricketing questions.

That’s ‘cricketing’…

So, go ask him whether his blond locks help his cricket? Go ask him if his boyish good looks help his cricket? Go ask him is his dad’s bad behaviour as a player helps his cricket?

Go terrify, general public, and report back.

It’s tomorrow – July 4 at 11am at

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7 Responses to “Stuart Broad answers back”

  1.   Gary Naylor says:

    What do you do on all those days off?

  2.   daniel brigham says:

    Someone please ask him if he thought posing nude for Cosmo magazine while looking more like Chris Broad’s grandson rather than son was intimidating. Oh, and someone ask him if he enjoys standing next to tiny Tim Ambrose and asking him if he’d like to be carried on his shoulders. If not, why not?

  3.   Miriam says:

    I joined said chat.

    It was fun! He answered some of my questions.

    He said that Ian Bell and Graeme Swann are the biggest practical jokers in the dressing room. We then had this little exchange:

    12:00 Miriam
    Have you ever played a practical joke back at Ian Bell, like nicking his hair straighteners?

    12:00 Stuart Broad
    No. He’s very protective of his hair straighteners. You can’t get near them.
    His time will come - I’ll be lining something up, but I can’t give my secrets away live online.

  4.   Gary Naylor says:

    Belly boy shouldn’t have his hair striaghteners nicked too. As bad enough tha people have been nicking his wicket all season.

  5.   lukamodric says:

    What about putting green dye in Bell’s sun-in bottle?

  6.   zoya shiekh says:

    heyy stuart ur big fan 4rm r u?nd what r u doing these days?u r so sxy nd handsome i luv u?plz reply if u get that msg okkkkkkkkkk.take care byee.

  7.   lillie says:

    hi stuart
    i am a big fan of yours from india.tellme wether you will be attending the worldcup in 2011.are u present in any social networking site?

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