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July 2008
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Ravi sheds his inhibitions

July 10th, 2008 by Sam Collins in County cricket, England, Miscellaneous and tagged , ,

Yes. That really is Essex and England’s Ravi Bopara, with a Nuts girl (Imogen, seeing as you asked. Hi there Imogen), holding a drill, standing outside a shed, in Sloane Square. No, I’m not sure why either.

Hang on, suddenly it all makes sense. It’s national shed week. That explains that then.

And what better way for a young man to get over his omission from the Test squad than by hanging out with a Nuts girl by a shed in West London? Nice little way to spend a Saturday if you ask me.

Ravi certainly seemed to be enjoying himself, and was overheard telling people (for his sake hopefully not Imogen), ‘I have a shed as do my mum and my brother I use it for my dogs as a big kennel as I don’t let them in my house. My brother has turned his into a gym!’

Captioning this picture is too easy, but consequently too difficult, so I’m not going to bother. You can do it.

Best answer might even win a prize.

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22 Responses to “Ravi sheds his inhibitions”

  1.   Daniel says:

    While making polite conversation about his shed during his weekly BBQ parties, Ravi will be the first to tell you (if he reads wikipedia) that ‘shed’ was first recorded in English as ‘shadde’ in 1481, possibly from the word shade. He’ll also be the first to tell you that this week he’ll mostly be scoring runs for Essex when he should be scoring runs for England.

  2.   Will says:

    “I use it for my dogs as a big kennel,” Bopara, clad in gold rings, said of his Essex harem.

  3.   Daniel says:

    According to the Nuts survey, over a third of 18-25 year-olds want their own shed, which is a little disappointing if you ask me. Why do nearly two thirds of 18-25 year-olds not want their own shed? What have these people got against sheds?

  4.   Will says:

    Ladders, garden furniture; a water butt.

  5.   Daniel says:

    Will, as I know you’re a fitness fanatic, do you put your exercise equipment in your shed?

  6.   Baddoo from Shiprecked says:

    Ravi on Shed Alert

  7.   D Charlton says:

    Isn’t that picture taken at Chelmsford? A road, with a shed and one of the local girls watching.

  8.   Gumbo says:

    It can’t be Essex, there are cars on the road

  9.   James says:

    Does he send batsmen back to the shed? Suprised it’s not a caravan, him being from Essex and all.

  10.   David Graveney says:

    If Ravi were to marry Imogen would they live together in shedded bliss?

  11.   jrod says:

    I think this is a political statement, see the 50% off sign in the background, clearly Ravi is trying to say something about Hitler’s one nut.

  12.   D Charlton says:

    Very cute Uncle J…

  13.   Miriam says:

    “Imogen gazes in awe to her right, as she’d never before seen such a big tool”.

  14.   Gary Naylor says:

    Ravi - “At times like this, I like to have my screwing machine in hand - I mean my left hand!”

  15.   Gary Naylor says:

    Ravi - “Stuart Broad does look different when he’s not in an England kit doesn’t he?”

  16.   Gary Naylor says:

    Ravi - “Look Imogen, until I cash in with the IPL, the is the best accommodation I can afford in Chelsea”.

  17.   Gary Naylor says:

    Ravi - “Imogen’s fine and I don’t mind holding the drill, but do I have to wear these metal headphones?”

  18.   Miriam says:

    Ravi - “I thought you said you’d photograph me in a fielding drill, not wielding drill”.

  19.   David Graveney says:

    Ravi: “Right, what do you want me to drill first?”

  20.   James says:

    Ravi didn’t know whether to drill her or grill her

  21.   Daniel says:

    Good to know we’re rising above the kind of gags you’d find it Nuts

  22.   Gary Naylor says:

    Ravi - “All right Imogen. I’ll give you Graham Napier’s number”.

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