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September 2008
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RMJ: Rain brings memories of days long gone

September 19th, 2008 by Robin Martin-Jenkins in County cricket and tagged , , ,

Two weeks ago our County Championship match was a relegation clash with Yorkshire at Scarborough. It should have been a vital game to win for both sides but two and a half days of rain meant that we spent more time in the seafront arcades than we did on the pitch.

It was almost identical to my debut in 1995. Same venue, same result. I have now played only three days of cricket out of eight at Scarborough. My debut, therefore, was far more notable for the off-pitch antics of various team-mates, none more memorable than Ed Giddins, with whom I had the dubious honour of sharing a room.

Two minutes after walking into the room I had realised why the others clearly didn’t want to share with Giddo. When I entered, he was naked on the bed, on the phone. Instead of covering himself he beckoned me over, shook my hand and holding the receiver towards me, said: “I’ve got the receptionist on the line. She’s a bit of a goer and I’ve been trying to talk her into a threesome. She’s not having any of it at the moment. See if you can persuade her.” I don’t recall seeing much of him during the following four days.

There seemed to be more characters around in the game back then. I think because the stakes are so much higher now, both at county and international level, players feel they cannot let go during a season. The days of visiting the local pub with members of the opposition at the end of play are gone, and that’s a real shame.

On the other hand most senior players who remember those days would say that standards of professionalism are so much higher in the game today and this has translated into higher standards on the pitch, most notably in the fielding. Whether this makes the game more attractive to watch, however, is a moot point.

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2 Responses to “RMJ: Rain brings memories of days long gone”

  1.   King Cricket says:

    If increased professionalism means no naked Ed Giddins, then you have to embrace it (increased professionalism, that is).

  2.   Suave says:


    If after retirement you ever fancy getting back to those bad old days, we’d welcome that sort of behaviour down at North Middlesex; 90% of our teams players are trying to get a threesome going with the girls behind our bar!

    Lovely bulgarian ladies.

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