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King Cricket: Sunday night finish please Swanny

August 21st, 2009 by Alex Bowden in England, Test cricket, The Ashes


Marcus North took the ball and began his over. Someone, somewhere punched the air. The number of times this had happened previously could be counted on the fingers of one head.

Who punched the air and why? It was us and there were three reasons.

  1. It was the 81st over and ol‘ gob-hands had opted to continue with Marcus North rather than take the new ball. There’s some spin in that pitch.
  2. England have picked the only spinner in the match.
  3. Fast knackering pitch: There might be a result before the end of the weekend.

More chance of a result is better for England. There might be more chance that Australia will win, but that doesn’t matter. There’s also more chance England will win and that does matter. Hopefully it ends early as well. Here’s why.

Monday finishes are part and parcel of Test cricket, but the simple fact is that most of us are at work. Four years ago, we gambled and booked the last day of the fifth Test off work about six months in advance. This year we’ve booked today off, so on Monday, if the match is still going, we’ll be doing the modern equivalent of watching Ceefax - staring at a scorecard on the internet and waiting for the numbers to change.

It’s all wrong, Even if England win, you can’t celebrate victory with a bonus cup of tea on a Monday afternoon. That’s how you celebrate getting one column of figures to add up to the same as another column of figures. The Ashes is bigger than that. You celebrate victory by taking a few unsteady steps towards cirrhosis of the liver.

The Ashes deserves better than a Monday finish. The folk memory of 2005 is of a riotous last day and a week long party. As we remember it, bad light intervened and when we jumped up to celebrate, we realised it was Monday night, no-one was around and we had to go to work the next day.

Graeme Swann, you owe us a Sunday night finish. Not sure why, but you do.

King Cricket blogs at He is a cult figure in the world of cricket blogs and was TWC’s first Best-of-blogs winner in April 2008.

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4 Responses to “King Cricket: Sunday night finish please Swanny”

  1.   King Cricket says:

    Graeme Swann. Sunday night finish.

    We’re giving ourself a billion points for this one.

  2.   eva says:

    are you going to use your incredible psychic powers for good or evil?

  3.   King Cricket says:

    It has to be for evil. We’ll be like Biff in Back To The Future 2 when he finds that sports book.

  4.   The_Dawg says:

    I was chuffed with the Sunday finish as I was at the Oval that day. Then I realised I had tickets for the Monday too, and they are siting on my shelf unused. I don’t know how to feel about them. Should I discard them or keep them as little treasures to look at wistfully. It will all be irrelevant soon as my wife will tidy them away never to be seen again.

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